There occurs uniformity of discharging in the concrete mixer truck, which is one of the important performance index, that direct effect engineering quality. When mixer truck transporting, mixing drum speed should be controlled at 2 - 5r/min, and the total number of revolutions of the mixing drum is controlled within 300 revolutions. If the concrete mixer truck transport distance is longer or the slump is large, before discharging should be the mixing drum speed run 5~10 revolutions, so that the concrete can be fully mixing, so that the uniformity of discharging will be greatly improved. If the transport process of concrete water shortage, to the construction site should add water adjustment, and fully mixing. Of course, this situation should be avoided, because that will make the quality of the concrete without control. Some users do not pay attention to control the speed of transport during use, the speed is too fast, which will increase fuel consumption, the speed is too small,which will cause the separation of concrete. So that we should strictly control the turning speed of the mixing drum as required, and to improve efficiency.

occurs irregular discharging in the concrete mixer truck

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