Every time we operate the concrete mixer truck, water is an important material for normal working, every time before charging the produced concrete, add water is the first step. As a professional concrete truck mixer factory, today we will share some skills to add water correctly.

concrete truck mixer factory

1. Control the air pressure and fasten the joint
How much air pressure should be pumped in the tank, this has been set at the factory, there is no need to adjust. If it is necessary to adjust in case of special circumstances, it is recommended that the pressure is controlled at about 3.5Mpa, if the pressure is too high, it is easy to explode. In addition, in the new concrete truck mixer daily use, it is necessary to tighten the pipe joint at any time to prevent it from falling off.
2. The adding water flow
The arrangement of each concrete transit mixers water supply is similar. Generally, the order is vented-filled with water- close the fill valve. When not in use, it is best to place the position of the lever in the middle.
3. Drain the remaining water in winter
After finish work every day in winter, the water in the water tank and the water pipe should be drained, and the compressed water in the water pipe should be used to blow off the residual water in each pipe to prevent the pipe from freezing and cracking due to icing.

We concrete truck mixer factory suggest using the mixer trucks in a meticulous manner, the timely flushingand various preparatory work can reduce the occurrence of cans inside the truck tanker.

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