The concrete mixing truck for sale 6-16m3 is an essential equipment to transit the concrete form batching plan to construction area. There are many customers often asks: What should you pay attention to when driving a transit mixer? What are the checklist of the concrete mixer truck before starting it? Today we will introduce it and hope to help the owners of the concrete mixer truck.

concrete mixing trucks for sale

1)Careful inspect and timely detection the troubleshooting, the concrete mixer truck can not be stopped on the road. Otherwise, it will be troublesome if the tank is too thick. The concrete can not be stopped for more than 2 hours. The concrete of the C40 degree can not even stop.
2) Check the oil, antifreeze, lubricating oil and cooling water before ignition. If it is insufficient, it should be added again.
3) After the concrete mixer truck is started, let the can rotate at a low speed, check the tire pressure around the car, whether there is a leaking tire, and then use a screwdriver to remove the stone in the seam and check.
4) Check if there a nail or the like stuck in the tires.
5) Check the lights again, especially the waist lights. Make sure that the tires are often piled up on the construction site, and the tires are often piled up with steel bars and the tires are weak.
6) Wipe the rear view mirrors of concrete mixing truck for sale on both sides and window glass with a rag, complicated road conditions on the construction site, poor lighting, and the line of sight must be guaranteed first!

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