The cost of concrete mixer truck

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The cost of concrete mixer truck is related with the equipment configuration and spare parts brand. When we are going to buy concrete mixer truck, we should know our requirements and the work condition, and then we can decide the equipment model, configuration and select the spare parts. For the hardware of concrete mixer trucks, we should pay attention to the three aspects.

cost of concrete mixer truck

1. Concrete mixer truck chassis
The car chassis is the part of the concrete mixer truck that is costly and has high maintenance costs during use. For the chassis, the focus is mainly on the engine power and torque of the chassis, fuel consumption, tire frame, driving comfort and emission standards. In addition to considering the performance of the chassis of the truck and whether the chassis can be provided with timely maintenance support and spare parts supply by the chassis manufacturer, the user must also consider the local emission requirements of the purchaser's financial strength and the degree of full volume transportation requirements. The more full the workload, the higher the reliability requirements for the concrete mixer truck.
2, The tank material
The concrete mixer truck is afraid of failure during transportation. If there is a failure during transportation, if the treatment is not timely, concrete will be condensed. If it is serious, the tank may be scrapped, so pay attention to the choice of materials. The thickness of the concrete transit mixer tank is related to the quality of the tank. Now it is 5mm thick manganese plate. The owner can ask the concrete mixer truck manufacturer how thick the tank is. If it is less than 5mm thick, it should not be considered.
3, The hydraulic parts
The three parts are the focus of the cost of concrete mixer truck, they are hydraulic motor, hydraulic pump and reducer. The three major imports are currently adopt Germany, Italy and the United States, and the price is relatively high. The three hydraulics made in China have also done well in recent years, and they are self-selected according to individual economic conditions.

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