Concrete mixer trucks China made have highlights of long service life, high performance and low cost in the world market. The concrete mixer trucks belong to industrial vehicles, it is very important to check the regulations before work. For China concrete mixer trucks manufacturer, they usually offer the inspection regulations for concrete mixer trucks.

concrete mixer trucks china

First, the inspection regulations of mixing system:
1. The cylinder should be in good contact with the roller and should not be deflected, swayed or severely deformed.
2. There should be no cracks or damage to the buffer cushion of the mixing drum. The blades, feed hopper and main auxiliary discharge tank in the mixing drum should not be seriously worn and deformed.
3. There should be no obvious concrete blocks in the mixing drum, the feed hopper and the main and auxiliary discharge tanks.
Second, the inspection regulations of hydraulic system:
1. When the power take-off is working, it should be combined smoothly, the pressure should meet the rated requirements of the design, and should not leak.
2. The hydraulic system components of concrete mixer trucks should be complete and the working pressure of the system should meet the requirements of the manual.
3. Hydraulic oil type, oil quality, oil quantity and use should comply with relevant regulations. The oil temperature should not exceed 80 °C when working on heat pump. The pipeline connection should be reliable, should not rust, deform, aging, damage, oil seepage.
4. The movement of each hydraulic control part should be flexible and reliable.
Third, the water supply system pump and components should be complete and should not leak.
Fourth, inspection regulations of safety equipment:
1. The hydraulic system shall be provided with safety devices to prevent overload and hydraulic shock; the adjustment pressure of the safety relief valve shall not be greater than the rated pressure of the hydraulic pump.
2. The protective devices on the side and rear of the concrete mixer truck should be complete and intact.
3. The concrete mixer trucks China should be equipped with fire-fighting equipment.
Strict specifications are an important part of the safe use of small concrete mixer trucks. I hope that everyone can inspect the vehicles in accordance with the above inspection regulations.

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