China concrete mixer truck Haomei brand

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China concrete mixer truck Haomei brand has the features of convenient and flexible, with large loading capacity and high efficiency. The concrete mixer truck is equipped with a large torque special reducer and hydraulic system, a large-capacity air pressure cleaning water tank, and a multi-line water supply system. The tank body adopts standard tooling splicing, cast steel heavy-duty roller, and enhanced raceway. Haomei concrete mixer truck is suitable to applied to mountainous rural road projects, urban and rural construction projects and small water conservancy and hydropower projects, small tunnel projects, plant courtyard ground works.

china concrete mixer truck

The configuration of the concrete mixer truck are full power power take-off, tank head 8mm, cylinder thickness 6mm, and the tank body and blade are just selected from Q345 alloy, tooling splicing, ring seam, longitudinal seam automatic welding; blade thickness 6mm, cast steel tug, reinforced raceway, white painted. The concrete mixer truck adopts full power power take-off device, the automatic welding machine is used for the ring seam and longitudinal seam technology of the tank body. Optional joint venture imported hydraulic system or domestic hydraulic system.

Special performance description of china concrete mixer truck, the mixer truck is mainly composed of two parts: the chassis and the tank body. The baking process, the blade adopts computer-aided design means, is formed by special mold, has the characteristics of fast feeding and discharging speed, high output rate. The angle of inclination of the mixing drum is small, which can effectively reduce the height of the center of gravity of the vehicle and improve the driving stability of the vehicle. Pneumatic water supply mode, large capacity water tank, is conducive to cleaning the inside and outside of the car body and mixing drum.

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