The concrete mixer truck is the significant machinery for transfer the concrete, there are many important factors to consider when choosing a concrete mixer truck factory, we often call them three major items, they are hydraulic motor, hydraulic pump and reducer. These three major imports are are directly related to the performance of the concrete truck mixer. Germany, Italy and the United States are famous manufacturers of theses items. When enquiry with the concrete mixer truck manufacturer, be sure to ask what brand these three devices are.

concrete mixer truck factory

The tank body is also another technical part of the concrete mixer trucks for sale. How to judge the quality of the mixing tank? The quality of the tank body mainly refers to the thickness of the tank plate. Now it is generally 5mm thick manganese plate, that is, you ask the concrete mixer truck manufacturer how thick the tank body is, if they said that 5mm thick manganese plates, that is within the standard, if the thickness is less than 5 mm, this kind of concrete truck mixer product can not be considered. The water supply system of concrete truck mixer adopt pressure water supply mode, which simplify the structure to save power and reduce the quality of the whole vehicle. The mixer drum of the concrete mixer truck adopts tank structure, double spiral curved mixing blades, different blades are used in different cone sections, improve the quality of concrete mixing and reduce the remaining amount. Above aspects obviously can help you to choose the right concrete mixer truck factory with outstanding technical advantages. 

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