Construction mixer truck for sale

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The hydraulic system of the construction mixer truck for sale is the core part of the loading operation of the whole concrete truck mixer. Once the hydraulic system fails, the maintenance is not timely enough, which will cause the concrete to solidify in the concrete mixing tank, which will cause great losses to the user. Therefore, we must follow the correct operation method and maintenance in daily use. The following is a description of the 5 points that you need to pay attention to when maintaining the hydraulic system of concrete mixer truck.

construction mixer truck for sale


1. For 50 hours of use of the new concrete mixer truck, be sure to lock the fixed pump and motor and the bolts on the reducer.
2. Before each start of work, please check the oil level and oil color of the hydraulic oil such as the tank and the reducer oil window, and replenish or replace according to the situation.
3. When the construction concrete mixer truck is working, pay attention to check the hydraulic fuel tank filter element and vacuum gauge to prevent the oil returning oil from being too large due to excessive oil quality. If the resistance is too large, the filter element should be taken out for replacement or even replacement of hydraulic oil.
4. Check the oil pump and motor frequently to check whether the hydraulic oil leaks out and the interface is loose. Especially the suction line of the hydraulic pump is easy to loosen the air intake, which causes the system to generate noise and the oil tank breathing port to drain oil.
5. The surface of the hydraulic system fan radiator of construction mixer truck for sale is kept clean to ensure good heat dissipation, and it is necessary to pay attention to whether the fan rotates.

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