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New concrete mixer trucks for sale 6-16 m3 are one of the most common construction vehicles and can be seen in a variety of infrastructure projects. For some newcomers who have a need to buy a concrete mixer truck, the complex parameters are often dazzling. From the following aspects, you can consider a concrete mixer truck more professional.

new concrete mixer trucks for sale

1, Concrete mixer truck tank quality
The quality of the concrete mixer truck tank mainly refers to the thickness of the tank. Now it is generally 6mm manganese plate, if it is lower than this thickness, it is recommended not to consider it.
2, tank volume
The volume of a concrete mixing truck is a basic parameter. The larger the volume, the more concrete is loaded and the more expensive the concrete mixer truck is. If you are transporting per cubic metre of concrete, it is better to choose a large-capacity concrete mixer truck; if it is a monthly transportation, the 10 cubic meter concrete mixer truck can meet the basic needs.
3, Tires of the new concrete mixer truck
There are several specifications for concrete mixer truck tires. Large carts with large tires and small cars with small tires. The main reason is that the tire material is divided into nylon tire and steel wire tire. The life of the steel wire tire is twice that of the nylon tire, and the price is also much higher.
4, The chassis of concrete mixer truck
There are many choices for the chassis of new concrete mixer trucks. Each chassis has its advantages and disadvantages. As for which one to choose, it is recommended to consider the brand, price, reputation and other aspects. In addition to these influencing factors, factors such as reducers, hydraulic pumps, and gearboxes also need to be considered.
5, The rear axle
General owners buy new concrete mixer trucks for sale will not pay attention to this aspect, only a few insiders will notice this. If the road surface is relatively flat during transportation, you can choose a single-stage reduction bridge. If the road conditions are not very good, there are many stones or ramps, it is recommended to choose the wheel side deceleration bridge, so the car's torque is relatively large, suitable for climbing.

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