Mixer concrete trucks for sale

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The quality of mixer concrete trucks for sale is mainly determined by the chassis and main hydraulic transmission parts. There are three aspects to how to choose a concrete mixer truck. It is based on its own situation and needs, and clarifies the conditions of the concrete mixer truck's capacity. Second, it considers the performance quality of the concrete truck mixer itself. Third, it is the manufacturer of the concrete mixer truck. Combine these three aspects, I believe you will buy a satisfactory model.

mixer concrete trucks for sale

Concrete mixer trucks are heavy-duty vehicles with a small amount of market number and few sources of accessories and spare parts. Compared with general-purpose vehicles, they are more dependent on the after-sales service of concrete mixer truck manufacturers. Therefore, whether the concrete mixer truck manufacturer can provide convenient, in time and reliable after-sales service is an important factor that must be considered in the selection of concrete mixer truck for sale.

Consider the price factor again if the above requirements are met. After loading 6~7m3, the concrete mixer truck with double-bridge chassis is a model with high performance and price ratio. The semi-trailer with the load of 10~12m3 is the second, and the performance price ratio of the 8~10m3 8×4 chassis is low. Therefore, a concrete mixer truck of 6 to 7 m3 volume is generally used. In addition, in order to meet the needs of individual large-scale projects, a small number of mixer concrete trucks for sale of 10 to 12 m3 can be appropriately equipped. This can take into account various needs and is a reasonable configuration.

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