Mobile concrete mixer truck for sale

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The mobile concrete mixer truck for sale produced by Haomei has the features of high quality, low cost and volume of 6-12m3. The concrete mixer truck is an important equipment for construction site, concrete mixing station and ready mix concrete company. So friends who need to buy concrete mixer truck should consider many factors. What should I pay attention to when buying a concrete mixer truck for the first time?

mobile concrete mixer truck for sale

1. Concrete mixer truck manufacturers
The Internet not only brings us the expansion of information resources, but also increases the difficulty of distinguishing between true and false. Once you buy equipment, it is good to go to visit the manufacturer to inspection and then sign the order contract. Go to the factory to see whether it is formal, the second is to see if there is a certain scale of production, and the third is to see whether the production process and quality of the concrete mixer truck equipment are excellent.
2. Configuration of concrete mixer truck
The concrete mixer truck consists of the automobile chassis, the mixing drum, the transmission system, the water supply device, the full power power take-off, the front and rear brackets of the mixing drum, the reducer, the hydraulic transmission system, the feeding and discharging system, and the operating mechanism. In addition, when purchasing a concrete mixer truck, the capacity and configuration of the concrete mixer truck should be selected according to your own situation.
3. After-sales service of concrete mixer truck
The concrete mixer truck has a long service life, and the service life of the transit mixer with good quality is as long as ten years. In the process of use, it is inevitable that there will be small faults or wear and tear of parts. In this case, it is better to choose the after-sales service with the original manufacturer. Original zero-fit components, which can greatly guarantee the high production efficiency and long service life of the mobile concrete mixer truck for sale.

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