China concrete mixer truck company Haomei is one of the best manufacturers of concrete mixing equipment on the market. More and more customers choose to select supplier of concrete truck mixers in China because they find that the China manufacturers has unique advantages than other company. The advantages of china concrete mixer truck manufacturers can be introduced from several aspects:

China concrete mixer truck company

First, the company strength
Since the establishment of the Haomei, the construction equipment market such as concrete mixer trucks and concrete batching plants has been developed. Has many years of production service experience, we have a group of design, production, sales and service.
Second, the advantages of concrete mixer truck products:
1. Mixing tank has shape of can, double spiral curved blade, using different blades in different cone sections, improving the quality of concrete mixing, reducing the remaining amount, stirring volume 6-12 cubic meters.
2. Product body upgrade, luxurious and beautiful, comfortable driving.
3. Same wide outer riveted frame, strong and durable; thicken, widen the leaf spring.
4.The center drive shaft adopts direct connection transmission instead of the indirect transmission through the lever, this greatly enhances the efficiency of the device.
5. Adopting the stepless speed change design, it is more reasonable and effective to use the cooperation between the chassis and the mixing tank!
Third, after-sales service advantages of china concrete mixer truck company
1. The equipment is guaranteed for one year and the whole machine is maintained for life.
2. After the expiration of the warranty period, the replaced components cost is according to the purchase price.

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