Concrete mixer truck companies in China

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Concrete mixer truck companies in China supply 6-16m3 transit mixer which can effectively prevent the segregation of concrete, thereby ensuring the quality of concrete transportation. The manufacturing process of the blade of the mixing cylinder is stamped with a special mold. The tank head, cylinder and blade are made of alloy steel wear-resistant material and wear-resistant strips are added (to extend the service life of the blade). The tank has good mixing uniformity, high feeding and discharging speed and low discharging residual rate. Whether it is used for concrete mixing or agitation conveying, can maintain the quality of concrete.

concrete mixer truck companies

When you are selecting concrete mixer truck companies, we should choose the chassis first, there are many chassis brand that have high quality and reasonable price. Besides of the chassis, it is very important to look at the three major hydraulic components of concrete mixer truck, the reducer, the hydraulic motor and the radiator. Import hydraulic components quality is better than domestic, but the price is high and maintenance costs are expensive. There are also three major hydraulic components of high-quality hydraulic pressure in China, depending on the user's funds and intentions.

The concrete storage tanks and the inlet and outlet should be wear-resistant sand and gravel are the main components of concrete. They make the concrete storage tanks and the inlets and outlets severely worn during work. In general, the service life of concrete storage tanks made of low alloy steel is 50,000 to 80,000 m3. The life of the spiral blades in the concrete storage tank is only 30,000 to 40,000 m3 . The concrete storage tanks of concrete mixer truck companies are generally made of high-strength low-alloy steel steel, which is 1 to 2 times more resistant to wear than ordinary A3 steel. Some imported concrete storage tanks use special wear-resistant steel made of manganese and boron, and are reinforced with wear-resistant materials in the easy-to-wear parts, so their service life can be doubled than that of low-alloy steel. It can be seen that the working life varies greatly depending on the materials used.

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