Haomei is a mobile concrete truck mixer manufacturer in China, who have engaged in concrete mixing equipment industry for more than 15 years. Unlike a concrete mixer, the concrete truck mixer is movable, which can transit the mixed dry or wet concrete to the construction site from concrete batching plant site, during the transportation, the mixing drum of the concrete mixer truck keep rotating to prevent the concrete from solidification. Safe operation is the basic guarantee for the concrete truck mixer to complete its work tasks, and it is also a reliable guarantee for the staff personal safety.

mobile concrete truck mixer manufacturers

Here are some safety precautions summarized by professional mobile concrete truck mixer manufacturer - Haomei Machine.
1, check
Check on the level and leakage of diesel, engine oil, various gear oils, various booster oils, engine coolants and brake fluids.
2, transportation
During transportation, the concrete truck mixer should maintain a slow running speed of 3-6 rpm. The maximum speed should not exceed 50km/h during normal agitation. Don't be too anxious when turning, and the turning speed is no more than 15km/h, otherwise there will be danger of rollover. The speed of empty vehicles must not exceed 60km/h. When the slump loss is too large, water can be added in an appropriate amount under the conditions of the concrete design mix ratio, this work must be completed by the laboratory technician. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to add water to the mixing tank.
3, unloading
After the concrete is transported to the site, the person in charge of the site will discharge the concrete materials in turn, and the unloading should be thorough to avoid waste. It is necessary to clean the tanks of mobile concrete truck mixer in time and drain the water.

Besides the above safety precautions, we mobile concrete truck mixer manufacturer suggest the driver maintain the concrete mixer truck to ensure the service life and normal work. A high-pressure grease should be added to the wheel oil nozzle every week, and each line should be filled with graphite or molybdenum sulfide grease. Lubricate the oil pump drive shaft once a week.

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