Cement truck manufacturers offer great price

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Haomei are one of the cement truck manufacturers in China, we find many customers want to know the price of the concrete mixer truck equipment. We all know that the concrete mixer truck price is related with the quality. We should know the basic knowledge of concrete mixer truck equipment itself, and also we should know the factors that will affect the price of cement mixer truck. Therefore, today, we will introduce the knowledge of the concrete mixer truck price.

cement truck manufacturers

To get a quote for a concrete mixer truck, you first need to define the following aspects:
1, The price of concrete mixer truck of different brands is different. The price difference between small concrete mixer truck and large concrete mixer truck is different. The volume of cement truck is about 6-16m3, the price of 16m3 concrete mixer truck will be much higher than that of 6m3 concrete mixer truck. The volume of the concrete mixer truck should be choose by the actual using requirement. First we should know the concrete mixer truck volume, and then we can compare the price of different cement mixer truck manufacturers.

2, The price of the cement mixer truck changes over the configuration. For example, the price of a brand car chassis is different from that of a general car chassis. General motors and hydraulic pumps are also very different from the German Rexroth series, Italian PMP, American Eaton, Sally, Sao, etc. Whether the motor quality is good directly related to the service life of the concrete mixer truck. Other device such motors, dust collectors, steel plates for cement tanks and sensors are also have different price, you can tell your requirement to the cement truck manufacturers.

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