Small concrete trucks for sale

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Due to the poor working conditions of the small concrete trucks for sale, the quality and reliability requirements of the hydraulic transmission parts are quite high. At present, there are two configurations on the hydraulic transmission system market: one type is split type configuration, which consists of a hydraulic oil pump hydraulic motor cooler and a reducer. The configuration is mature and reliable, and the maintenance is convenient. The other type is a three-in-one configuration. The hydraulic oil pump and the three-in-one reducer(Including hydraulic motor, radiator, reducer) are used, the configuration is high in integration and convenient in installation, and the appearance is beautiful. However, since the hydraulic system oil and the reducer oil are the same kind of oil, the oil requirements are stricter.


 small concrete trucks for sale


The structural design of small concrete mixer truck is reasonable, in order to ensure the operation is convenient, the discharge can be more thorough. If the unloading is not thorough, the concrete residue will be easily accumulated in the mixing tank. After a long time, the volume of the concrete mixer truck tank will be reduced and it will be more strenuous to cleaned up.


Sand and gravel are the main components of concrete, they make the concrete storage tank and the inlet and outlet ports wear seriously during work. Under normal circumstances, the service life of concrete storage tanks made of low-alloy steel is 50,000 to 80,000 m3. The life of spiral blades in concrete storage tanks is only 30,000 to 40,000 m3. The concrete storage tank of small concrete trucks for sale is made of high-strength low-alloy steel, which is 1~2 times more wear-resistant than ordinary A3 steel. These imported concrete storage tanks are made of wear-resistant steel for manganese and boron, and are reinforced with wear-resistant materials in the wearable parts, so their service life can be doubled compared with that of low-alloy steel.

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