Leading concrete mixer truck suppliers

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Haomei is one of the leading concrete mixer truck suppliers in China, for the concrete mixer truck, the national standard high-strength wear-resistant steel is used to make it super strong and durable. The volume of Haomei HMD series concrete mixer trucks are 6-16 cubic meter, the tank head adopt 8mm thick alloy manganese steel, the tank body use 6mm thick alloy manganese steel, the blade use 5mm thick alloy steel additionally equipped with wear-resistant strips (extend blade life).

concrete mixer truck suppliers

The whole concrete mixer truck equipped axis operation, there are two levers on each side of the rear of the body, and it can also be operated in the drive room. The key components of the concrete mixer truck such as the reducer, hydraulic oil pump, hydraulic motor, radiator, water supply system, air supply system and reducer, we use imported brand. As a professional concrete mixer truck suppliers, Haomei can supply high quality concrete mixer truck equipment, and we also offer other service for you!
I, provide you with cost-effective products
We will help you recommend a suitable concrete mixer truck model for you according to the comparison of road conditions and prices.
II, to provide you with comprehensive after-sales service
You can enjoy up to one year or 25,000 kilometers, free replacement parts during the warranty period. The chassis part is guaranteed by the original factory. The special equipment is repaired and the original parts are supplied for a long time. Spare parts are provided at preferential market prices.

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