The concrete mixer truck is composed of the automobile chassis and the concrete mixing equipment. To the automobile chassis, the concrete mixer truck manufacturer mainly use special vehicle chassis provided by vehicle manufacturers. To the special mechanism of concrete mixers trucks for sale, it mainly comprises a power takeoff, mixing tank, front and rear supports, reducer, hydraulic system, control mechanism, cleaning system etc.. After knows the basic structure, it is turn to the operation principle.

concrete mixers trucks for sale

The working principle of concrete mixers trucks for sale is: while the concrete mixer truck is in the process of driving and waiting for the unloading, the power is take off through the power device from the engine, and the power drives the variable pump in hydraulic system, transfer the mechanical energy into hydraulic energy to quantitative motor, the motor drives the reducer, speed reducer drives mixing device to mixing the concrete in the tank, make it does not produce solidification phenomenon in a certain period of time (less than 90 minutes), so that the concrete can meet the use requirements after concrete mixer truck arrived the construction site.

During the working, we need to pay attention to the mixing canister is required low rotate speed (2 ~ 4R / min), when discharging, the cylinder tank need rotate in reverse direction (12 ~ 14R / min), the concrete is discharged by cylinder helical blade rotation uniform and continuously. The speed and rotation direction changes are completed by the control rod of variable oil pump, it is change the pump speed, displacement and high pressure oil outlet (pump reverse rotation). When the concrete tank of concrete truck mixer is rotating forward, the concrete can filled the storage tank and will not coagulate soon because it is constantly stirred. When it turns backward, the concrete will automatically discharge from the unloading port.

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