Concrete mixer truck is the leading product of Haomei machinery, it has the advantages of high mobility, high off-road capability, high efficiency, it set the concrete mixing, transportation, self-pouring operations of one integrated vehicle, especially suitable for highways, railways, airports, water conservancy and other field construction operations. On the basis of the 6m3,  8m3, 9m3, 10m3 commercial concrete mixer trucks for sale, Haomei machinery develop of the 12m3, 14m3 and 16m3 concrete mixer truck, and improved, enhanced the product supply of users to use.

concrete mixer trucks for sale

Concrete mixer truck body adopt the national standard 6mm thick, 16MnCu steel plate by lofting, CNC plasma cutting, dusting, rolling, group welding, the use of sub-tooling mold assembly to ensure the body degree and coaxial of the tank. The weld is made of Danish imported CO2 gas welding machine, automatic welding with smooth, beautiful, high weld strength. The leaf with the national standard 5mm thick 16MnCu steel plate, special materials high strength wear-resistant hot-rolled steel can also be selected according to user needs. With the special mold stamping, two sets of spiral blades and auxiliary blades are made of modified logarithmic spiral curve, and adopt the advanced technology to improve the feed and discharge speed of the commercial concrete, and reduce the residual rate at the same time. There is a special wer-resistant bar outside of the leaf blade, increasing the life of the blade.


The surface of the tank and structural parts are taken shot peening, in the water-spinning paint room for primer, paint, finish and color spray, and drying in the hot air drying room. While about the accessories, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors and reducer and other major purchased parts using world-renowned brands of products, reliable performance to meet the needs of different users. The entire process of product manufacturing is with quality assurance, in strict accordance with the requirements, from the purchased parts (raw materials) into the factory to the product out of factory, the quality of every part is strict manged. Strengthen management of the quality of welding, paint spraying and other key processes to ensure the concrete mixer trucks for sale quality.

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