Hot sale new concrete mixer trucks

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Haomei supply hot sale new concrete mixer trucks 6-16 cubic meter, with realizable hydraulic parts and long service life. The chassis and cab technology of the concrete mixer truck is derived from well-known brands, and it still looks quite advanced. The cab of the car retains the configuration of wipers and rear-view mirrors. The advantage is that the driving vision is good, because the visibility is better, the concrete mixer truck will enter the construction site to load and unload faster at night. In the design and assembly of the entire concrete truck mixer, Haomei fully considered the problem of the center of gravity of the vehicle, and the center of gravity of the concrete mixer trucks was relatively low, which greatly reduced the occurrence of rollover accidents.


new concrete mixer trucks


The cleaning operation is very important to maintain the new concrete mixer trucks for sale, and prolong the service life, improve the transportation efficiency.
1. Rinse at any time during operation
After each unloading, use the the water gun of the concrete mixer truck to rinse the tank mouth, blades, feed port, tank body and corner to prevent the concrete from accumulating after the solidification, and finally it is not easy to clean up.
2. Thoroughly clean the tanker after closing
After the daily transportation task is over, add more than 1 cubic meter of fresh water to the tank, and quickly rotate the tank for cleaning. Companies with conditions can also add stones to the tank of new concrete mixer trucks for better results.

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